What is periodontal disease?

Many people confuse periodontal disease with unclean gums or gingivitis, but it is actually a separate category. Periodontal disease is the advanced stage when the patient starts losing gum attachment to their teeth due to bacterial infection. This infection can spread to the bone surrounding the teeth, leading to more severe consequences, both orally and systemically.

What are the causes of periodontal disease?

The primary cause of periodontal disease is lack of proper home care and hygiene. The longer the teeth remain unclean, the more time there is for harmful bacteria to set in and tartar to build up. This can eventually cause infection of the gums and bones that support the teeth, leading to loose teeth, bleeding gums, and tooth loss.

What are the symptoms of periodontal disease?

Symptoms of periodontal disease vary from person to person. Some common ones include bleeding gums, discomfort, sensitivity to hot and cold, swelling, and bad breath. Unfortunately, the disease can progress without many symptoms if you do not have regular professional cleanings.

What other conditions are connected to periodontal disease?

Bad oral health and unhealthy gums can increase the risk of several systemic problems, such as stroke, heart disease, cancer, depression, malnutrition, and chronic diseases like arthritis due to the additional inflammation in our bodies.

Can periodontal disease be cured?

The progress of periodontal disease can be halted, but once bone loss has occurred, it is difficult to reverse. However, further progression can be stopped, enabling the patient to maintain adequate hygiene at home.

What treatment options are available for fighting periodontal disease?

The primary treatment is a deep cleaning, also known as a scaling and root planing procedure. At-home maintenance includes regular brushing, flossing, use of prescription strength mouth rinses and toothpastes, and a special kind of peroxide gel. We also provide laser and ozone therapy to help with gum issues.

Are teeth cleanings and periodontal treatment painful?

Not at our office. We ensure that all cleanings, including deep cleanings, are done comfortably.

How can I schedule a dental appointment?

You can schedule an appointment with us at Integrity Dental by calling (719) 745-5565. We offer free consultations. Although we also have online contact options, calling us is the best way to reach us. We strive to be timely and conscious of patient anxiety and past issues to ensure our patients' comfort.