How do the costs at Integrity Dental compare to other local dentist practices?

Dental costs can vary significantly based on your location. Generally, smaller cities tend to have lower dental costs. For instance, dental services in Pueblo, Colorado, are likely to be less expensive than in larger cities like Colorado Springs or Denver. Affluent areas typically have higher dental costs, while areas with lower socioeconomic status often have more affordable dental services.

At Integrity Dental, we ensure our pricing aligns with the local market. This means we don't charge big city prices in smaller areas like Pueblo. We continuously compare our costs with other dental practices in the area to maintain appropriate pricing. Our practice aims to provide high-quality dental services at a mid-range price point. We're not the most expensive, but we don't compromise on quality for lower costs. Our pricing for dental services is standardized, meaning we can provide exact costs for procedures like crowns, fillings, or root canals, regardless of insurance.

However, insurance can complicate pricing. If a dentist is networked with your insurance, a different price may be negotiated. The full price charged by our practice might be reduced if covered by insurance, with the aim of attracting more patients. Insurance coverage can vary, with some plans covering a higher percentage of costs than others. For patients without insurance, we offer a savings plan at Integrity Dental, which provides discounts and makes costs predictable and straightforward. This plan removes the guesswork that often comes with insurance, where coverage can vary significantly between procedures and plans.

Why do the costs of some procedures vary?

The costs of dental procedures can vary based on your insurance. Different insurance plans offer varied negotiated prices and payouts, with some covering a higher percentage of costs than others. At Integrity Dental, we understand that many patients may not have dental insurance, which is why we offer a savings plan. This plan acts as an equivalent to insurance, with straightforward and predictable prices.

Insurance policies can be complex, and it can be challenging to determine what procedures are covered and to what extent. At Integrity Dental, we strive to provide clear and accurate cost estimates. However, insurance companies may not always be forthcoming about coverage, leading to unexpected costs for the patient. We make every effort to give you an accurate estimation, but it's important to understand that these are just estimates and not guarantees.

If my insurance will not cover the full cost of my dental care, are financing options available?

At Integrity Dental, we offer a financing option known as CareCredit. This is a lending service specifically designed to help patients manage medical, veterinary, or dental bills. CareCredit can be an excellent way to access the dental care you need. However, it's important to note that this option does require an application process, and not everyone may be approved.

In situations where a patient requires a specific dental procedure or a certain level of dental care, we thoroughly discuss the financial aspects. If necessary, we assist in applying for financing options like CareCredit. Our experience shows that, in most cases, we are able to successfully work out a feasible financial plan for our patients. This approach allows us to provide the needed dental services while accommodating the financial needs and capabilities of our patients.

Does Integrity Dental offer a discount for paying in cash up front?

At Integrity Dental, we frequently offer discounts for patients who can pay in full with cash. As both a dentist and a business owner, I find that avoiding the complexities of financing is beneficial for everyone involved. We prefer to work directly with patients to reach a mutually agreeable financial arrangement. To incentivize this, we often provide a discount for payments made in full with cash.

This cash discount policy, however, is not universally applied. For smaller or less expensive procedures, a cash discount might not be available. But for more significant investments, such as multi-phase treatment plans, patients who can pay a lump sum upfront are often eligible for a discount, sometimes up to 5%. Additionally, we also offer specific discounts for veterans, firefighters, and police officers, as part of our commitment to making dental care as accessible and affordable as possible.

Each treatment plan is unique, and we strive to be flexible and creative in our financial arrangements to accommodate the needs of our patients while ensuring the sustainability of our practice. Our goal is to make quality dental care affordable and within reach for all our patients.

Does Integrity Dental accept all insurances?

While we do accept most insurance plans, it's important to clarify what it means when we say we're "not in-network" with certain insurances. Accepting an insurance plan and being in-network with it are two different things.

Being in-network with an insurance provider means that we have agreed to their fee schedule and that most services are covered benefits under that insurance. However, if we're not in-network with your insurance, you can still receive the necessary dental care from us. In such cases, your insurance will still contribute towards the cost, but the prices may be slightly higher than the negotiated rates of an in-network provider. This difference in cost is because out-of-network fees are not pre-negotiated with the insurance provider.

We understand that this can be confusing, and we pride ourselves on transparency and clarity in these matters. Our team at Integrity Dental is committed to explaining all costs and insurance details before any treatment is provided. This ensures that you are fully informed about the financial aspect of your dental care. Our dedication to providing high-quality dental services and a comfortable experience has encouraged many patients to choose us, regardless of our network status with their insurance. We welcome everyone and are here to work with you to ensure you receive the best dental care possible.

If you have any questions about dental costs, insurance, or our services, please contact us at Integrity Dental in Pueblo, Colorado. We're here to help you smile confidently and affordably.

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