How long have you been going to Integrity Dental?

I've been coming to Integrity Dental for a significant period, around 8-10 years.

Can you describe your experience at Integrity Dental?

My experience at Integrity Dental has been top-notch from day one. The environment is wonderful with friendly doctors, assistants, and exceptional hygienists.

What specific treatment have you found beneficial at Integrity Dental?

The night splint for sleep apnea, crafted by Dr. Comerci, has been extremely beneficial for me. The device is a good alternative to my CPAP, particularly when I am away from it, such as when I am camping or hiking. It's evident that a lot of time, skill and effort went into creating it.

Have you had any major dental work done at Integrity Dental?

Fortunately, I've only needed routine dental procedures like crowns, but no major work.

Would you recommend Integrity Dental to others?

Yes, I would highly recommend Integrity Dental. My entire family are clients and we recommend them to virtually all of our patients at Synergy. My team and I all endorse them.

How was your experience with your previous dentist?

My experience was overall great. I wasn't really satisfied with the prior practice, but I was very satisfied with the dentist himself. Unfortunately, he moved to Colorado Springs which led me to look for a new one.

How did you come to choose us as your new dentist?

My mother-in-law was already a patient at your clinic. So, I decided to check it out and eventually chose you as my new dentist.

How has your experience been with us so far?

My experience has been great. The staff has been very polite and the dental work is commendable.

Can you tell us about the dental procedures you've undergone with us?

You've done a couple of fillings and a root canal with a crown. The entire process, from grinding to molding, was very well done.

You mentioned a night guard, can you elaborate on that?

Yes, after the crown was done, you made a night guard. I appreciate that you waited until the crown was completed to ensure everything would fit together properly, avoiding any unnecessary expense.

How has the night guard affected your sleep and overall comfort?

Since I started using the night guard, my sleep has improved and I no longer experience achy teeth or jaws.

Do you have any tips for using the night guard?

I've found that running it under hot faucet water for about 30 seconds to a minute before using it helps. This loosens it up and makes it easier to put on. In the morning, you can simply pull it down from the back to remove it.

Would you recommend the night guard to others?

Oh, I highly recommend it.

How durable is the night guard?

I've been using mine for almost two years and I've noticed very minimal wear, despite grinding my teeth a bit. However, for those who grind their teeth heavily, there might be a risk of wearing it out.

How would you describe our approach to dental care?

You're quite direct and compassionate. You always ensure to understand where the pain is and explain what the procedure will involve.

Can you share your thoughts on our methods and materials for cavity treatments?

If there's a tooth with a cavity, you explain how it will be fixed and the materials that will be used. For example, instead of using the old grey or silver materials, you color match the filling to the tooth.

"I absolutely love this office. Best dentist I’ve ever been to. It’s always incredibly clean, and the staff are so nice. They are caught up on the latest and greatest technology too! I had to have a root canal done, and I was so nervous. They made me feel comfortable and talked me through every part of it. Dr. C is so great to his patients. He explains things in ways you understand. I also appreciate how kind he is to his staff. It’s always a good sign to me how the doctors treat their staff- and he is wonderful! Also a special shout-out to Justice. He’s always super friendly and went above and beyond with getting information for my insurance to help make sure I paid the least amount possible. You can tell he loves what he does, and he is great at it. Really, they all are. Love love love this office!!!"

"Integrity Dental is, without exaggerating, the best dental office I've ever been to! The staff are so knowledgeable and gentle and Dr. Thomas has always made me feel comfortable whether it is a cracked tooth, cleaning or a root canal. If you're looking for a great dentist look no further!


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