Why do I need regular dental checkups?

Patients need regular dental checkups to catch and fix problems early. Small problems are much easier to fix than big problems, which is why regular checkups are important.

How often should I get a dental checkup?

We recommend that patients get a dental checkup every six months. This allows us to catch issues like cavities or gum disease in an early state. Six months is usually enough time to prevent these problems from becoming severe.

Can dental checkups prevent oral health issues?

While the checkup itself won't prevent health issues, finding and treating a problem early on can prevent major dental issues. We can solve these problems before they become serious.

What is included in a dental checkup at Integrity Dental?

In your initial appointment at Integrity Dental, we take x-rays, measure your gums, and evaluate your teeth for any potential problems. Regular patients also get their teeth and gums checked, along with any dental work they've had done.

What is a dentist looking for during a dental checkup?

During a dental checkup, we're looking for soft spots on the teeth, which could be cavities. We're also looking for signs of gum disease and bone loss. Early detection can help reverse these issues or prevent them from worsening.

How long does a dental checkup take?

A dental checkup can take anywhere from one to two minutes if you don't have any problems. However, if we find problems, it can take up to 10 to 20 minutes to discuss these issues in depth.

Do dental checkups hurt?

Dental checkups should not hurt. We are very gentle during checkups. If you have a sensitive area, we are usually able to avoid causing any discomfort.

What is the best way to schedule a dental checkup?

At Integrity Dental, we recommend calling, emailing, or texting us to schedule an appointment. We like to understand your needs before we set up an appointment time for you. Our phone number is (719) 745-5565. We look forward to speaking with you.