Tongue and Lip Ties – Often going undetected, tongue and lip ties can cause significant risks and complications for both infants and children. A tongue tie is when the connective tissue between the bottom of the mouth and the tongue extends too far limiting movement and extendability. Similarly, a lip tie is when the connective tissue between the gums and lip extends too far also affecting movement. Most commonly these issues can be most detrimental to a breastfed child causing latching issues to the breast and significant pain for the mother. As a child develops, these issues can become problematic in speech development as well as continued difficulty eating or cleaning the mouth depending on how severe the tie is. Parents should be optimistic as treatment is fast and recovery is generally quick. Treatment is as simple as cutting the problem area with scissors or laser after applying a topical numbing agent. With minimal to no bleeding, the child is ready to go home immediately.


If your child has had one of these procedures done, it is important to do daily exercises to ensure the separation of tissue in order that it doesn’t heal back together improperly. Further information on proper exercises can be watched here.