Dental Extractions – Extraction. Unfortunately, just the word makes many people shake in their boots. There can be multiple reasons an individual may need to have a tooth removed. The most common of these is a tooth that has significant decay or a tooth that is causing a large amount of pain. At Integrity Dental, we always try to help our patients keep their teeth through other treatment such as crowns, fillings, or root canals. However, we understand that sometimes an extraction is in the patient’s best interest. We strive to make the procedure as pain-free as possible with a local anesthetic to completely numb the affected area before treatment. Thanks to modern advancement, implants have become a great option to replace an extracted tooth making final comfort and aesthetics very appealing.


In 1815, dentistry looked very different. Sugar consumption was becoming very high among the rich and so was the need for extractions and dentures. After the battle of Waterloo, there were looters who pulled teeth from the dead for the express purpose of selling them in order that dentures could be made for those wealthy enough to afford them. (Source)